• Create professionally crafted content that defines your brand
  • Deliver compelling content to your audiences
  • Maintain long-lasting relationships with a variety of industry-specific writers, bloggers and editors
  • Use our knowledge of areas of expertise to amplify your message
  • Generate and maximize media coverage



Public relations is not “one-size-fits-all.” We start our process by recognizing that we’ve got a lot to learn about you: your industry, your challenges, your business, your competitors. We invest our time to learn about your business so we can better represent it.


As we learn more about you, we focus on the elements of your story that separate you from the field. We’ll find the best ways to tell your story, and we’ll compile a comprehensive list of places that are looking for stories like yours.  We look at your customers and where they get their information. We develop plans and schedules to make the most of our efforts — and we keep you involved at every step.


Once we finalize a strategy and schedule, we put it into action.  We craft strong messaging and deliver it using the right outlets at the right times. We tell your story in print and online, we follow upxa on our efforts and we tell you how we did.