Want to stand out from competitors? Use PR.

Ever wonder why the media covered your competitor, and not you? After all, they don’t deserve it any more than you do, right? Well, that competitor isn’t waiting around for the media. Instead, they’re pursuing a robust public relations strategy.

Solid media coverage — right story, right message, right outlet — provides numerous advantages. Here are three that give you a competitive edge:

You occupy their space.  The coverage you gain is the coverage your competitor, very likely, loses. If you’ve developed a smart story idea and worked closely with the reporter or editor, you wind up crowding out your competitors.  

You gain credibility.    Think about how you consume media. You remember the content you read, not the ad right next to it. (In fact, studies show that consumers find editorial content far more believable than advertising.)  Coverage sets you apart from competitors, making your brand more visible and credible.

You level the playing field.   The right kind of coverage that can put David on par with Goliath. One example: we successfully pitched an idea for a client that competes against much larger companies. Because we drove the narrative, our client gained the lion’s share of the resulting coverage — quotes, details, photos, headline. The lesson:  smart PR can make smaller company look more relevant, forward-thinking and innovative to its audience.

The takeaway: next time you see coverage of your competitors, do something about it. They’ve got a plan for generating exposure through public relations. So should you.